We are working hard to reopen our shop whilst following social distancing guidelines, we hope to be able to give you and update on when we will be opening very soon.  Meantimer, you can still buy from us online.  Lesley has a business Facebook page now where you can see examples of her work and contact her to buy something.   Marie has a business Facebook page with a shop so you can buy from her there and also now has an online Etsy shop where you can buy some of her pieces and also contact her.  Jane has a website with an online shop and Lotti also has an online Etsy shop so you can buy online from her too. 

You have seen something in the studio or on this website and you would like to buy it, there are a few options available to you once the restrictions are lifted.

Of course you are more than welcome to come and see us in Bude,  (where we can now take all credit and debit cards), but it may be that you would like to be able to buy something when you are far away or can’t get in to see us.  We don’t have an on-line shop as Atlantic Glass Studio as such, but some of us have our own individual on-line shops and/or you can commission work from us.  You can find out more information about how to buy from us on our individual pages.

As mentioned most of us are very happy to take commissions (again you can find more information on this on our individual pages) and so on these pages you can find galleries of the individual artist’s work that you may be able to commission from the artist directly.  The pictures are of course just illustrations and as each piece is individually made it might not be EXACTLY as you see in the pictures, but you know that the piece you have is made just for you.  If you do want to commission a piece please contact the relevant artist individually (through the contact link on their personal page) or of course you can contact us through the website.

You will need to discuss with the artist the time to make the piece and any postage costs.   If possible we would like at least 3 weeks notice for any commission work, but if it is more urgent than that then you can discuss this with the artist and if they can do it sooner they will do their best.